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We believe we have an obligation to help those that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good by giving them access to a great life.


Recognize commercial construction contractors, the amazing nonprofit work they do in their communities, and the impact they have helping others.


Encourage our peers to continue making a difference in their community, and invite everyone in our industry to keep doing more and join us in supporting great causes.

At RedTeam, we have a clear mission; “Help others, give them access to a great life, and provide peace of mind”. Through many years of involvement in various nonprofit organizations, we have always been amazed by the generosity displayed by various construction professionals. This generosity often goes unnoticed and uncelebrated, but we want to change that. With RedTeam Cares, we will be highlighting the great nonprofit work that construction professionals do in their communities, and share how we are doing our part to help others.


  Chief Strategy Officer


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