RedTeam as a Procore Alternative

RedTeam Demo Overview

“I have experience with both RedTeam and Procore from other companies before starting my own, and I knew I was going to have construction project management software but wasn’t sure which one. After having experience with those two, I chose RedTeam because it’s more user-friendly and significantly less expensive.”

Bennet Sebastian | Founder of Invision Construction & Development

Why do Contractors Consider RedTeam as a Procore Alternative?

Finding a Procore alternative is a very common motivation from customers we connect with. There is no debate that Procore serves a large number of companies and is well-known in the marketplace. 

So, why do customers seek a Procore alternative?

Some of the most common comments we have received revolve around:

  • Feeling like a number
  • Looking for a more skilled customer service team
  • Being concerned about the pricing offered
  • Looking for more robust financial management for their projects

Procore is a platform that provides great value for many construction businesses worldwide. However, the beauty of a healthy marketplace is that customers have options.

Someone might wonder how RedTeam is a valid Procore alternative.

We observed the price of Procore is often reduced when RedTeam is considered by the organization they are speaking with.

We have often been surprised by the concession being offered, which might make you wonder whether the pricing has been inflated to start with. Why does Procore have room to offer discounts of 20-30%?

Will this pricing hold upon renewal? 

The offered terms for renewal are a very common motivator for some of their existing customers.

Many feel trapped after having invested resources to implement software and train their team. This highlights the importance of understanding the initial terms as well as the renewal terms you should expect. You don’t want to have your back against a wall and be left without enough time to explore a Procore alternative if you do not see a substantial enough cost/benefit.

So, what makes Contractors turn to RedTeam as a Procore Alternative?

Subcontractor Management.

Solutions to manage your subs relationships with a robust RFQ workflow and contract formation. RedTeam facilitates AIA-style invoicing against your SOV and line by line approval workflow.

We come from construction.

RedTeam was truly born out of construction. RedTeam’s founder is a general contractor and built RedTeam from the need to help his own construction company manage the inherent risk of this business.

You Get 100% of RedTeam.

Procore has 13 different products. 41% of their customers only have 3 or less. When you invest your business in RedTeam we give you all of it at no extra cost.

Best-in-class Collaboration.

All the documents created in RedTeam can be shared via our collaborative console. This allows each party to comment right alongside the document and gives you complete transparency with metadata capture, so you know if a document has been viewed.

Is RedTeam the right fit for you?

So, is RedTeam right for you? Is RedTeam the best Procore Alternative? The best way to answer this question is to check us out! Let’s chat about your needs and explore how RedTeam could offer you a great project management solution.

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