RedTeam saves Giles McIvor time Through Effective Collaboration and Transparency

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“RedTeam allows us to present a much more organized and systematic series of deliverables to clients, designers, and vendors alike.

Giles McIvor, Inc. is a leading general and site work contractor based in Jacksonville, Fl. They began using RedTeam for a little over a year and love the modern project management tool RedTeam is for their business. According to Giles McIvor, their biggest issue of document file sharing and data management was solved after switching to RedTeam.

Thomas Kervin, Sr. Project Manager, shared his thoughts on his decision in choosing RedTeam as opposed to other similar software. Thomas said they chose RedTeam over the competition because of “Robust features that covered the entire PM and Accounting disciplines.” He also said, “The system also had enough flexibility to adapt to our firm and usage.”

According to Thomas, some of the best features that have been implemented into the workflow of Giles McIvor include; Single point data entry through a networked infrastructure, Planroom management with full version control, Change Order management, Daily progress reporting, Performance reporting, and submittal management.

Initially, Thomas heard about RedTeam from an online project management sourcing software. After looking over some aspects of RedTeam that the site had to offer, he became interested and reached out. After learning more and making the switch to RedTeam he shared that the software has saved Giles McIvor time through effective collaboration and transparency through the software for everyone who uses it.

“If you desire a 21st century set of PM tools to equip your employees with, and a robust yet flexible platform to manage all aspects of your projects, then there is little reason not to utilize RedTeam Software as a solution to power your firm’s progress.”

Thomas Kervin, Sr. Project Manager

Many switch to RedTeam to enhance their competitive advantage against their competition while bidding for jobs. As Thomas put it, “RedTeam allows us to present a much more organized and systematic series of deliverables to clients, designers, and vendors alike.  The standardization of our deliverables along with the ability to track and dive down into related data, has significantly increased our ability to compete with much larger firms.”

We would like to thank Thomas and Giles McIvor, Inc. for joining the RedTeam family. We hope to see Giles McIvor succeed in all they do in the industry and hope RedTeam creates a streamlined workflow for them to work efficiently.  

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