RedTeam Sponsors the Faine House Run for Hope 5k

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At RedTeam, we have a clear mission; “Help others, give them access to a great life and peace of mind”. Through many years of involvement in various nonprofit organizations, we have always been amazed by the generosity displayed by various construction professionals. This generosity often goes unnoticed and uncelebrated, and we want to change that. With RedTeam Cares, we will be highlighting the great nonprofit work that construction professionals do in their communities, and share how we are doing our part to help others.

On January 26th, 2019, we took part in, and sponsored, The Faine House Run for Hope 5k. The Faine House is a home where “Residents explore paths to stability through support and guidance with education, housing and transportation, employment, health and wellness, and personal finance.” It is a program created by NFL veteran Jeff Faine who was adopted early in life and had the chance at a great life. Every year, The Faine House holds the Run For Hope. Their goal is to raise funds to create better chances for every young adult that passes through their program.

We are proud to be a part of such a cause and were humbled by the number of participants that came in support of The Faine House. Below, you can find a video recap of our amazing day at the Run For Hope!

For more information about The Fain House click here.


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