Report: Habits of Software Buyers in Construction

Looking for construction software to help you get the job done faster? You’re not alone. According to a 2014 report by Software Advice on the habits of software buyers in construction, many construction professionals are looking for increased efficiency and a robust project management program. Software Advice spoke to thousands of construction software buyers in 2013, and evaluated their answers to several software-related questions.

Here’s what the report had to say about how your fellow professionals choose software for their construction businesses:

Looking for Efficiency

The most-reported reason that buyers gave for looking for new construction software (28% of respondents) was to increase their businesses’ efficiency. Since 47% of the study respondents were still using manual reporting methods such as pen and paper or spreadsheets, this is a logical result.

Another 32% of respondents said that they’re currently using construction-specific software, but are looking for a more robust solution. Many are starting to realize that they may need more than one program to handle the complicated project management process.

Speaking of project management…

Project Management Tops the List of Requested Features

With 33% of respondents looking for it, project management was the most-requested software application in the study. Again, this isn’t a big surprise — according to another study by Software Advice, project management software helps builders deliver more projects on time and on budget.

Other “wish list” features construction software buyers were looking for included estimating and accounting.

Single Tool vs. Software Suite

Would you rather buy just one piece of a software suite, rather than an integrated solution with tools you’d rarely or never use? So would a lot of your peers — 68% of the study respondents said they were looking for “best-of-breed” applications (those stand-alone programs — think Word instead of Microsoft Office) instead of integrated software suites. Especially for smaller companies, these stand-alone tools often fill their needs at a more economical cost than full-service integrated software.

Cloud vs. On-Site

While more construction companies are moving to the cloud, 78% of the Software Advice respondents had no preference for cloud vs. on-site software solutions. For those who did have a preference, 62% were looking for cloud-based solutions.

Why These Results Matter

So, why should you care what other construction professionals prefer in their software? Mostly because studies like this can help software developers come up with solutions that you actually want and need in the field. By learning what specific features and solutions construction-specific developers (like us) can tailor products to help you get the job done — creating a win for both sides.

How do you evaluate new construction software? What do you wish software developers knew when making new apps?


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