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RedTeam may be connected to Sage 300 CRE to provide your construction teams with the latest financial information for project management, streamline contracting and disbursement authorization workflows, and eliminate duplicate work.

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System Initialization

RedTeam works with hh2 Cloud Services to connect to Sage 300 CRE to provide your construction business with a unified, collaborative platform for both operations and accounting.


Once the system is connected, you will map RedTeam Control Accounts to the Sage Chart of Accounts, Cost Types and Standard Cost Categories.


RedTeam can selectively import or link Cost Codes, Customers, Customer Types, Vendors and Vendor Types from Sage to expedite the implementation process.

Sage / hh2 Synchronization Client

Sage works with a third-party integration partner known as hh2, which provides software to install on your server.

Project Setup

Enter a Sage Job ID into RedTeam to link new RedTeam Projects to Sage. Once linked, RedTeam will insert all new Customers, Vendors, Project Cost Codes, and Project Cost Categories into Sage as required. If used in RedTeam, Extras (Sub Jobs) will be created in Sage for Job Cost.

Vendor Commitments

All Vendor Commitments and Change Orders, including item details, are sent to Sage as they are executed in RedTeam.

A/P Transactions

Vendor Invoices (including invoices submitted via TeamPlayer App) approved for disbursement in RedTeam will be posted into Sage. Vendor Payments issued from Sage will be displayed in RedTeam, so your project teams will know exactly what’s been paid.

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Job Costs

All Job Costs will be synchronized with Sage, so your teams have real-time access to current financial information for all of their projects within RedTeam.

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Customer Contracts

Import initial Contract, including item details (Schedule of Values), into RedTeam. Export Contract Changes into Sage as they are created in RedTeam.

A/R Transactions

Customer Billing (including AIA-Style G702-703 Applications for Payment) created in RedTeam will be posted into Sage. Customer Receipts recorded in Sage will be imported back into RedTeam.

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Seamless Integrations for Seamless Project Management.

QuickBooks Online.

Leverage the combination of QuickBooks accounting system with the construction industry’s leading project management software.


Cloud access from mobile devices ensures that information gathered in the field can drive critical business processes managed in the office.

BIM 360

A robust solution for the field to collaborate on plans and generate RFIs or handle issues during the normal course of construction.

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