Simplifying Jobsite Management with RedTeam’s PlanGrid Partnership

For GCs, the adoption of new technology is largely dependent on its ability to provide a comprehensive, integrated project management experience. With app availability increasing year over year, companies are looking to streamline their efforts when it comes to implementing software and technology

A report released by identity and access management company Okta, found a clear trend indicating that companies of all sizes are deploying more apps. The report noted that large companies (2,000 or more employees) are deploying 163 apps on average while smaller companies deploy an average of 99. 

Construction professionals are looking for intuitive and collaborative workflows that can bring these apps together and narrow the gap between the field and the office. In order to continue simplifying jobsite management and deliver real-time collaboration, RedTeam partnered with PlanGrid – a leading provider of field productivity for construction firms. 

RedTeam’s project management software combined with PlanGrid gives customers a deeply integrated project management experience with a combination of best-in-class products to manage contracts, cost control, RFIs, change orders, submittals and more.

PlanGrid Integration Functionality

RedTeam pushes PDFs of drawings directly to PlanGrid and synchronizes RFIs between both platforms to support field and accounting activities. Users can also import submittals and sync issues as punch list items from PlanGrid directly into RedTeam.

Streamlining Paperwork

Without the right project management integrations, the paperwork preceding construction drawings can easily result in duplicate entries and other operational barriers. RedTeam’s partnership with PlanGrid saves users time and risk through document organization, which includes the following:

     · Vendor commitments (subcontracts, POs)
     · Vendor change orders
     · Customer change proposals
     · Customer billing
     · Customer proposals
     · Customer change orders (AIA-style)

Cloud Access Anywhere, Anytime

With RedTeam’s cloud access, information gathered in the field is synced to the office in real-time and used to drive business processes, such as change management and requests for correction.

According to PlanGrid’s Construction Connectivity Blog, 35% of construction professionals’ time – over 14 hours a week – is spent on non-productive activities, including looking for project information, conflict resolution, and dealing with mistakes and rework. Cloud access allows open communication flow between the office and the jobsite, which is essential for a successful project. 

In order to efficiently manage projects, integrated software is the answer. Connected software solutions are rapidly becoming a mainstay in the industry to help automate workflows and break down data silos to increase collaboration, reduce risk and deliver projects on time and on budget.

To learn more about RedTeam’s partnership with PlanGrid, click here


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