What Could Social Media Do for Jobsite Efficiency?

‘Social media’ and ‘jobsite efficiency’ probably aren’t terms most construction professionals are using in the same sentence. At least, not yet.

Our VP of Business Development Charlie O’Neil recently wrote an article for Construction Executive’s newsletter focusing on how certain social media tools could improve jobsite efficiency, explaining exactly why they should transform jobsite communication. The fact is that poor communication between construction project teams has become so commonplace that it’s viewed as an acceptable part of the job. All those phone calls, emails, meetings, text messages being used by GCs, subs, designers and owners mean that hundreds of bits of information are floating around a project at any given time with no way simple way to track who knows what and who’s doing what.

Meanwhile, you head home after a long workday, log onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other platform, and you’re instantly connected to your entire network of friends, family, colleagues – even your best friend from high school who you haven’t seen in 20 years. You see photos and videos of their latest vacation, know their most up-to-date career information and can start a realtime conversation with anyone in your social media community. This is simple but dynamic communication at its best and it’s transforming the way we engage with one another.

So why is communicating on social media is so easy, while communicating on the jobsite is so difficult? What does that mean for construction? Head on over to Charlie’s article and find out why the construction industry is ripe for a communication revolution and how it’s going to happen.