RedTeam ensures complete cost control starting with the buyout of the project all the way to tracking payments to your vendors. The Project Budget will keep you on track at every stage.

What we do...

Lien Law Compliance

Upload and track lien law documents including waivers and claims, which will be automatically checked upon approving invoices for payment.

Insurance Compliance

Require insurance when creating your commitments and track it throughout the project, see expired insurance credentials so you can quickly notify your vendors and get their current information up to date.

Manage Budget

Budgets are automatically updated in real time as you buy out the Project and approve invoices for payment. Keep track of your estimated cost at complete by updating dollars still at risk and adjusting Budget line items as needed.

Vendor Invoices

Enter Vendor Invoices for approval within your organization and automatically record the job cost against the Project Budget as they are approved.

Routing for Approval

Route invoices to all levels in your organization based on your custom approval workflow.

Manage At Risk

Update the dollars still at risk in a Project at any time to update the estimated cost at complete per line item in the Budget.

Manage Contingency

Track any costs you want to keep in contingency on the Budget.

Track Unit Prices

Establish negotiated unit prices to be used on a specific Project when billing your customer.

Track Stored Materials

Track and bill for stored materials on site directly in the AIA-style application for payment.

Manage Commitments

Create and issue various forms of commitment such as subcontract agreements, purchase orders, etc. Optionally use DocuSign to have vendors electronically sign and execute these commitments.

Manage and Track Change Orders

Track potential customer changes and convert these to change orders on AIA-style Change Order documents. Quickly issue change orders to vendors and associate them with the customer changes to track the costs correctly in the Budget and run a Changes Overview report to see all of them in one place.

Financial Overview

A real-time financial overview provides you with your latest estimated cost at complete, as well as revenue computed on a percentage of completion basis.

Employee Time & Expenses

With either the desktop or mobile application you can easily track employee time and expenses. Images of receipts are attached to expenses as well as assigned credit cards for easy verification.

Estimates at Complete

Real time estimates at complete per Project or as a report for all projects in progress.

Work in Progress (WIP)

Run a complete Work In Progress to view the overall progress of your company and immediately understand its financial health.