Easily use the RedTeam Field Share mobile application to connect from jobsite to office.

What we do...


Take pictures of your receipts directly from your mobile application and mark whether it was paid by yourself or with the company credit card. This will assign them to the appropriate project if necessary.

Time Tracking

Enter in hours from the app with the indirect/direct labor category and assigned cost codes and include the workers comp code. Set labor authorizations to easily manage time spent on projects.

Track Vendors Onsite

Select vendors that visit the jobsite and track the number of hours worked as well as men on the job site. Include the task performed for more transparency.


Create RFI’s from the jobsite and capture necessary pictures to collaborate when you’re in a hurry.

Progress Reports

Create Progress Reports from the app and include and personally defined observations.

Field Photos

All photos can easily be captured from the field and automatically attach to the daily report required for that day. Mark up the photos by changing the orientation, cropping, drawing on them, and adding descriptions.


Use assigned QR codes to quickly scan completed punch on the jobsite and add any updates. Create new Punch Lists as well.

Plans & Specs

View all updated versions of your Plans & Specs from the mobile application. Zoom in to share details and see any updates.

Schedule Updates

View the most recent schedule Update from the application to see any changes.

Action Items

Assign tasks to users in and out of your organization. Receive automatic email notifications once they have been completed.

Scan Location

QR codes are created and assigned to each Punch for easy completion.

Address Book

Keep all contact info for any team members in the mobile app to quickly contact them from the jobsite.

Project Profile

Review the Project Profile to see the weather and job site photos as well as the direct supervisor’s information before heading to the jobsite.

Real Time Weather

Weather is automatically pulled in based on the projects GPS location so you can see if today’s projections will change and progress in schedule.

Offline Capability

Work offline and never lose any information created in the mobile application.

Chat with RedTeam

Quickly chat with us from within the application whenever you need help or have questions.


Define any observations that you wish to track from the jobsite. Create categories and sub-categories.