Define the scope of your project by organizing contract documents, estimating costs, qualifying subcontractors, soliciting quotes, and selecting best quotes to finalize pricing for your proposals.

What we do...

Bid Management

Manage the entire bid process by scheduling pre-bid and bid dates and times, documenting scope of work, clarifications, exclusions, and final price and time for your proposals.

Requests for Quotes

Manage the entire quote solicitation process by developing bid forms, selecting eligible bidders, sending RFQs, monitoring response analytics, and comparing quotes.


Select cost codes and assemblies to build your cost estimating template, add supplemental markups for pass-through costs such as insurance or bond premiums, as well as pricing markups for overhead and fee.

Quote Comparison

Compare vendor quotes side by side with bid leveling adjustments. Select best quotes based on price, scope and historical experience ratings.

Solicitation Analytics

Manage solicitation response analytics to help maximize bid coverage, and access metadata to verify receipts and views of your RFQs.

Online PlanRoom

Accelerate collaboration with an online planroom. Maintain control with multiple access options, including a maximum security setting. Share a variety of contract documents including plans and specifications, requests for information, submittals, and periodic schedule updates.

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Select vendors based on unique requirements for your projects, including distance from the job site, historical ratings, credentials or any number of user-defined qualifications.