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RFIs, i.e. requests for information, are used in construction to clarify any uncertainties or fill in any gaps in information found on any specifications, plans, contracts, or other documents.

When there is a question about a document, a general contractor or subcontractor submits an RFI to the person who initially provided the document (client, designer, etc.). The party receiving the RFI submits a response to the contractor with an answer to their question.

RFIs are an integral part of the construction communication process. No communication, whether it is written or verbal, is flawless in its design and interpretation. In almost any case, questions will arise, information will be left out, and the need for clarification will result.

With the construction industry having so many moving parts, it can be challenging to track all critical information attracted to a project. Today, most construction companies utilize construction software to help them complete projects efficiently, with quality, and successfully. Part of having construction software includes having RFI management software. This is key to managing the flow of requests for information on any of your projects.

RFIs in an Instant

With RedTeam, you can manage the flow of requests for information (RFIs) on any of your projects. Receive, review, share and track any RFIs. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date log and collaborate proactively to make sure no RFIs fall through the cracks.

With RedTeam, you have access to your own personalized RFI management software to take control of and manage critical information for your projects. Each team member will receive any updates or changes of RFIs in real-time so that a project’s workflow stays on track. You can also easily create and send RFIs instantly for team members to review and understand any changes made on the project.


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