Streamline Workflows with a Subcontractor Collaboration Platform

Unfortunately, many contractors still rely on physical paper, file cabinets, and other archaic means of document and data collection. These are not ideal methods as documents can take longer to find and can get lost. Cloud-based construction software features powerful document management functionalities that allow contractors to go paperless and guarantees a secure location for documentation and documentation tracking.

RedTeam’s subcontractor collaboration platform, TeamPlayer, helps streamline workflows between subcontractors and general contractors, making communication more efficient and increasing real-time access to critical documents and transactions. All of which can fuel a successful partnership between both parties.

The application was created to help improve the contractor relationships by providing project information, managing a common SOV, streamlining communication, and facilitating critical workflows.

How It Helps Subcontractors

Subcontractors gain instant mobile access to construction project details, including the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals, and punch items. The app helps streamline communication and facilitates critical workflows such as bidding, negotiating, contracting, compliance, and billing.

Our subcontractor collaboration app acts as a data entry point into RedTeam because it allows subcontractors to respond to numerous documents, reducing error and speeding processes. Everything subcontractors need to do on a job is now on a mobile device. The app provides visibility to all documents from general contractors and other subcontractors so that any contract agreements, invoices, and payments can be accessed with the click of a button.

No more research. No more wasted time finding information about a specific agreement or document. Everything a subcontractor needs is accessible in an instant. Now subs can quickly determine an entire relationship with a general contractor using a mobile app.

TeamPlayer’s Electronic Applications for Payment (eApps) simplifies invoice creation and submission, streamlining the subcontractor payment process and getting subcontractors paid faster. 

Once a subcontractor submits an invoice, they have an instant notification that the GC has received the invoice. They are also notified as soon as they receive payment. This feature on TeamPlayer enhances communication between the GC and subcontractor by reducing wasted time on both parties to figure out if an invoice was created, when, where to find it, and when payment will occur. 

The subcontractor collaboration platform also offers AIA-Style Progress Billing allowing subs to create and submit this form of billing to customers, including contractors not using RedTeam.

How It Helps General Contractors

The standard manual method for GCs was to create their documents when they had time. Now, with TeamPlayer, they can create documents electronically using the mobile app. This reduces risk, leaves no room for errors, and speeds up the process for GCs to save crucial time. In addition, the app acts as a lens to give better insight into what subcontractors are doing.

TeamPlayer offers better management and control for general contractors by providing access to critical information in real-time, no more chasing a ghost to find necessary documents. Instead, just log into the app and see what you need in an instant.

The app provides visibility to all documents from general contractors and other subcontractors. In addition, any contract agreements, invoices, and payments can be accessed with the click of a button, thanks to the cloud-based software.

Using technology like this can help general contractors enhance their working relationships with subcontractors. A strong relationship between general contractors and their subcontractors translates into successful projects, which leads to more opportunities which, in turn, leads to a mutually profitable long-term relationship.


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