Tactics to Effectively Market Your Construction Company

We talked about how to win more business through marketing in our last blog post and BuilderChat episode. This week, we’re focusing on specific marketing tactics that will help you position your construction company for success and generate more leads, featuring commentary from Dan Scala with Agency THE

Marketing is more than a nice website design or fancy business card deck – it helps drive business and positions your company as a resource and expert in the industry. Marketing builds success for your company in the following ways:

  • Allows companies to meet new prospects
  • Makes your company look good to prospective employees
  • Adds a sense of team pride
  • Gives a sense of customer pride

Many companies might identify their marketing objectives as wanting their company appearance to look good, showing a strong image to employees, or even using it as a recruiting tool. One of the most important aspects of marketing, however, comes with the ability to help meet new prospective clients. By having a compelling website, building relationships, and effectively marketing on the jobsite, construction companies can help grow their connections and generate more leads.

Your website is more than just a design, it’s a resource.

Before building a website, think about the intention of your company and what purpose your website will serve. When working with clients on building their websites, the first thing Dan Scala at Agency THE stresses is to realize websites are no longer informational tools, they are sales tools. In other words, look at websites as adding another salesperson to your team roster.

Your website should include value-added content that creates a perception of your firm as a subject matter expert. Showcasing your existing client work, case studies and other downloadable content are all ways to be a resource to your prospective clients. In doing this, it’s crucial to keep all content up to date, providing impressive work that other companies can reference. By splicing in logical calls to action, you take prospective customers down the entire purchase funnel – they might be ready to download a white paper or other downloadable even if they aren’t ready to purchase your services right away.

There are a few simple ways to drive content to your website, according to Scala. First, it’s important to create a Google Ads account and buy branded keywords that include your geography. Many companies make the mistake of thinking they will automatically get website traffic just by owning a company name with relevant keywords – i.e. Jerry’s Construction. Second, make sure you pick the social outlet most beneficial to your business when it comes to buying ads. Ask yourself, which social media channels are my customers using? Lastly, as mentioned, provide purposeful content. The only two objectives you should have for your website are to serve existing clientele or serve lead generation.

Effective jobsite marketing goes a long way.

Jobsite marketing is one of the most common marketing strategies we see across the country. When you drive by a construction site, you almost always see a fence wrap, building wrap or large signage out front with images or a company logo. What many construction companies fail to realize is that these signs should serve the purpose of more than just a logo – they are an opportunity for creative storytelling to entice future customers. For example, when Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts underwent construction and renovations, the jobsite signage along the premises included a visual storytelling element for its future customers.

Jobsite signage is a lot less expensive than you might expect. The pricing is based on linear footage and square footage. As a general rule of thumb – even for a large jobsite – it is estimated to cost around $20,00-30,000 (for signage with a quarter-mile of linear feet, seven feet tall). This is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods, such as billboard signage.

Relationships go beyond a happy hour.

Building relationships goes beyond attending one happy hour and connecting on LinkedIn. Surprisingly, many leads come straight out of the jobsite itself. When prospective clients come to visit the jobsite, it’s crucial to develop those long-lasting relationships and notify your crew to do the same. If someone comes to visit your jobsite, ask your crew to get more information so you can follow up.

These are networking effects that are far more valuable than a “like” or “comment” on a social post – they are an ongoing natural element for any construction company. Make sure you ask yourself when networking, “what are things I can do to capture new information to benefit my business down the road?”

You can learn more about how to effectively market your construction company in our Builderchat here.


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