Success Story

Taggart Brown & Associates, third year on RedTeam.

Taggart Brown & Associates continues to excel with RedTeam's Construction Project Management Software.

Taggart Brown & Associates, Inc. (“Taggart”) was originally founded in 1991 as a roofing contractor, and forged its early reputation on successful, high quality residential and commercial projects throughout Baltimore with customers, who continue to refer new clients.

Ted Gattino joined Taggart in 2016 as Director of Business Development to help expand the firm’s work as a general contractor. According to Ted, purchasing a robust project management platform was an important element of that plan. After careful consideration, RedTeam was selected as the best choice for their-fast growing company. Taggart has now fully standardized its operations management and cost control processes on RedTeam, and the company now manages all of its projects from start to finish on one system.

In his business development role, Ted was initially focused on the accuracy and quality of proposals being presented to prospective customers. The way Ted described it, It was critical that our cost estimates and proposals demonstrated the same high level of professionalism and organizational expertise that Taggart brings to all of its projects.”

Ted soon realized that RedTeam also provided collaborative efficiency for all aspects of the business, from bid solicitation through final closeout, and connects project team members both internally and externally. “External stakeholders are not typically motivated to adapt to new technology,” says Ted, “but our experience has been positive for us, our customers and our subcontractors.”

According to Ted, integration with accounting has also been very successful for Taggart. “The connection to our accounting system has eliminated data duplication and redundant data entry, which improves accuracy and saves us time in the office.”


“It’s amazing to have a tool behind you that makes you so much better at what you are doing.”

Ted Gattino, Director of Business Development


Since its decision to move into the role of general contractor, Taggart has grown into a highly professional, federal contracting firm with the ability to serve clients throughout the Eastern seaboard. Working with project managers, owners, architects and engineers, the Taggart team brings highly functional, quality relationships to any project ensuring successful outcomes through strong management, leadership, integrity and dedicated commitment to each project.

Although there are many available options when selecting a project management software, Taggart believes it made the right choice to use RedTeam. “Our customers have been impressed by how organized we operate, which we believe is the key to repeat business in this industry,” says Ted Gattino. “After nearly four years, we could not be happier with our choice to use RedTeam!”

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