Build Your Team
TeamPlayer facilitates subcontractor collaboration by connecting you to individual subcontract team members, making it easier for them to access and respond to critical documents and transactions, and by sharing day-to-day performance updates in real time

TeamPlayer is a subcontractor collaboration app that works with RedTeam’s commercial construction platform.


Better Compliance
Reduce Risk
Efficient Communication
Improve Subcontract Relationship​

Document Collaboration

Using the TeamPlayer App, your subcontractors will have instant access to the documents on which you’ve invited them to collaborate, including:
  • Requests for Quote
  • Subcontracts, Directives and Change Orders
  • Project Correspondence
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Requests for Credentials (Current, Soon to Expire, and Expired)
  • Requests for Submittals (Preconstruction, Construction and Closeout)
  • Requests for Corrections (Safety, Quality and Punch)

Online Transactions

Using the TeamPlayer App, your subcontractors may submit quotes for new work, execute contracts and change orders, and submit billing for progress and stored material. TeamPlayer will help you get your subs under contract faster and easier than ever.

Free, Secure App for Subcontractors

Did we mention that TeamPlayer is a free App for your subcontractors?

Once you activate TeamPlayer, your subcontractors will be invited to download and install the TeamPlayer App on their Apple or Android devices. Once installed, individual subcontractor team members will have access to the documents your team has shared with them via RedTeam.

Construction Billing

Construction Billing can be a complicated and time consuming process for contractors, subcontractors, and project owners. The bottom line is this: Contractors want their “subs” paid, because they know cash flow drives production in the field!
Electronic Applications for Payment or “eApps” created with RedTeam’s TeamPlayer App streamline the subcontractor billing and payment process. 
RedTeam fully supports your subcontractors for preparation and submission of their eApps. Our support team will assist them through the entire process, so their Applications for Payment are complete, submitted and routed for approval by your team without uploading or tedious data entry.

Subcontractor Check-in & Check-out

Using the TeamPlayer App, your subcontractors will be able to “check-in” and “check-out” from within a verified proximity to your project sites, while also recording the makeup of their workforce that day, work activities, and daily progress against schedule.


Reminders & Notifications

TeamPlayer provides your subcontractors with instant access to current project information, including the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals and punch items.


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