Project Management App for Trade Contractors.

As Subcontractors, we jump through hoops to collaborate with primes and other sub-trades to deliver the quality we expect from ourselves and keep projects on schedule and on budget for the project team.

Document Collaboration

TeamPlayer streamlines communication and collaboration by extending RedTeam collaborative consoles to your personal devices. Submit quotes and execute contracts right from the App.

  • Requests for Quotes
  • Quotes
  • Subcontracts and Change Orders
  • AIA-Style G702-703 Applications for Payment

Coming Soon

  • Project Correspondence
  • Requests for Credentials
  • Required Lien Waivers (Including sub-tier claimants)
  • Request for Submittals
  • Request for Corrections

"Our organization wanted to add the TeamPlayer option to our RedTeam platform but had several questions about how the invoicing process would work and how to integrate it with our internal processes.

The representative from RedTeam took immediate action, called and led us through training (even though it was after hours), and helped us to create a training module to share with our team.

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the professionalism of the organization and the responsiveness of its team members."

Rikki Shaffer

AIA-Style Progress Billing

Subcontractors can use TeamPlayer to create and submit AIA-Style progress billing to customers, including contractors not using RedTeam. There will be a transaction fee associated with this option.


Connect TeamPlayer with QuickBooks Online to keep your accounting up to date in real time.

TeamPlayer Premium

Upgrade to TeamPlayer Premium for control over your documents. TeamPlayer streamlines communication, collaboration, and is invaluable in moments of controversy. Maintaining access to documents on which you’ve collaborated keeps you on a level playing field.

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