Project Management and Collaboration App for Subcontractor

Powerful Document Collaboration

Request for Quotes & Quotes

Subcontracts and Change Orders

AIA-Style G702-703 Applications for Payment

Document Collaboration

TeamPlayer streamlines communication and collaboration by extending RedTeam collaborative consoles to your personal devices. Submit quotes and execute contracts right from the App.

AIA-Style Progress Billing

Our project management and collaboration app was built for subcontractors to create and submit to create and submit AIA-Style progress billing to customers, including contractors not using RedTeam.

Devin Morris, Project Manager
T&G Constructors

“Before TeamPlayer, I would spend a couple of days reviewing invoices, around 8 hours of my week. With TeamPlayer, I can wait to have all of the invoices in, and I only spend one hour reviewing them. So, 1/8th of the time.”

RedTeam is trusted by over 100K Users and leading companies in the Construction Industry.

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