The Importance of the General Contractor/Subcontractor Relationship

Building solid relationships with subcontractors is foundational to the delivery of a successful construction project. To put it more simply, a good relationship between general contractors and their subcontractors has the power to make or break a project. This statement is especially true, considering that the contribution of subcontractors to the construction process can account for as much as 90% or more of the total value of a construction project. 

Forging strong relationships with subcontractors can also be an important differentiator for general contractors in a highly competitive construction market. Building and maintaining relationships with subcontractors improves job performance which increases the probability that the project will be delivered on-time and within budget – project success metrics that go a long way toward enhancing a GC’s reputation.

One of the ways GCs can improve relationships with their subcontractors is through the use of technology. Construction management platforms can eliminate the breakdowns in communication and collaboration that are major contributors to straining the GC/subcontractor relationship.

The complexity of construction projects today creates an imperative for streamlining workflows, making communication more efficient and increasing real-time access to critical documents and transactions – all factors that can fuel a successful partnership between general contractors and their subcontractors.

RedTeam’s TeamPlayer app does all of that and more. The app, which was introduced last year, is free for subcontractors to use as part of the contractor’s use of RedTeam.

Using the TeamPlayer app, subcontractors gain instant mobile access to construction project details including the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals and punch items. 

The app also eliminates two major issues that can derail the GC/subcontractor relationship – invoicing and payment. TeamPlayer’s Electronic Applications for Payment (eApps) simplifies the process of invoice creation and submission, streamlining the subcontractor payment process and getting subcontractors paid faster. 

Using technology like this can help general contractors enhance their working relationships with subcontractors. A strong relationship between general contractors and their subcontractors translates into successful projects which lead to more opportunities which, in turn, leads to a mutually profitable long-term relationship.


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