The Solution for Making Subcontractor Commitment Workflows Work

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We dedicate ourselves to supporting contractors in streamlining and improving critical workflows like subcontractor commitments to keep projects on-schedule and on-budget.

Subcontractor commitments are one of the most broken workflows in construction today. 


Because information becomes siloed, creating a lack of visibility on projects which directly hampers collaboration between GCs and subcontractors. 

When you think about the number of subcontractors involved in construction projects – on average, 22 subcontractors are involved just to build a home – it is easy to understand why the success of construction projects hinges largely on effective collaboration and communication between contractors and subcontractors. 

Fixing the subcontractor commitment workflow is a matter of supporting contractors in breaking down information silos and streamlining processes. TeamPlayer, one of our most used features, does this and more. A mobile application designed to facilitate collaboration between the subcontractors and the general contractor, TeamPlayer is a free solution that subcontractors can use as part of a contractor’s use of RedTeam.

Increasing Visibility

With TeamPlayer, subcontractors gain access to real-time project information anytime, anywhere, allowing all team members to access and respond to critical documents and transactions efficiently. Using TeamPlayer, subcontractors can view the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals and punch items as well as share day-to-day performance updates in real-time and document field directives from the GC.

The app also organizes information for subcontractors in a single environment. When subcontractors log into TeamPlayer, they can view all of the GCs they work with who use RedTeam. Clicking on a particular GC allows subcontractors to see each project they are working on with that GC, and clicking on a specific project shows them every document associated with that job.

Making Connections

Contractors can use TeamPlayer to connect to individual subcontract team members on everything from an RFQ, to subcontracts, change orders, to payment applications. The app helps contractors decrease friction in communication with subcontractors, resulting in improved collaboration, reduced risk, greater accountability, increased compliance and an overall improved contractor/subcontract relationship.

Addressing Payment Friction

Subcontractor billing is another area where TeamPlayer can reduce friction between contractors and subcontractors. One of the billing issues that can occur involves invoices that get prepared or documented incorrectly. This issue impacts cash flow and requires administrative intervention to make corrections. TeamPlayer’s Electronic Applications for Payment (eApps) streamlines and simplifies the subcontractor invoicing and payment process. eApps provides the subcontractors with a detailed schedule of value and displays information on what gets completed to date. The subcontractor can use the app to update the percentage of task completion, and the system will automatically adjust that particular line item.

We dedicate ourselves to supporting contractors in streamlining and improving critical workflows like subcontractor commitments to keep projects on-schedule and on-budget. TeamPlayer does this by reducing stress and conflicts that can occur between subcontractors and general contractors, breaking down information silos, and creating a direct link between subcontractors and contractors that streamlines communication and facilitates critical workflows like bidding, negotiating, contracting, compliance and billing.

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