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There are many moving parts in the construction industry between the owner, the subcontractor(s), the general contractor(s), the design team, the field team, and material suppliers. Because of this, many people are involved in the project management process who need a collaboration platform to track interactions throughout a project.

RedTeam’s collaborative console can help your team collaborate from anywhere, any time, and track interactions critical to the project process. Our software’s collaborative console requires no username and password for individuals outside of your company and we have easy interactive tools that require no training.

Construction team members track interactions throughout the project on a tablet.

Easily Track Interactions Throughout Each Phase of a Project

Using the project collaboration feature, you can work remotely from anywhere and share documents with anyone working on the project to have a history of every interchange. RedTeam captures and stores metadata for every part of the construction process so you can have a record of every interaction in your back pocket.

Our metadata feature makes tracking interactions easy by connecting each interaction within the collaborative console to the shared document. All collaborators are tracked and time-stamped with any changes, edits, or comments. So, whenever a team member accesses a document and works on it, you’ll see that interaction instantly. Teams can track documents to ensure they reach the right person and produce accurate, critical information about a project.

The metadata feature also allows you to track interactions when a report sends out and when it has been opened, clicked, printed, or responded to. Each party line that gets sent a document will have its metadata path to backtrack for accurate tracking. Now construction teams can know when a document was created, sent, opened, and changed and who interacted with the document.

RedTeam’s unique approach to creating, negotiating, and controlling project communications online streamlines collaboration and captures a complete and unimpeachable record of project documents, commentary, and associated metadata along the way. Start tracking interactions with our comprehensive collaboration platform!


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