Unifying Operations and Accounting: A Look into RedTeam’s Partnership with Sage

In any successful project, teams succeed by working together – the same goes for construction software. Integrations and partnerships play an important role in the construction tech ecosystem, but with the growing number of options available, finding the right collaborative tech and getting started can turn into a hurdle for many GCs.

As companies determine which technology can assist with business goals, many end up prioritizing accounting and financial management as areas where cloud technology can bridge gaps. Just last year, RedTeam announced its integration with Sage, a market leader in construction business management solutions. 

Sage 100 Contractor is designed to provide visibility into every facet of a contractor’s business, including accounting, project management, estimating and service management. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE) provides contractors, developers and property managers with the most complete solution for managing the entire project or property lifecycle. 

Prior to the partnership, RedTeam worked with Sage for years through its customers. The problem was the lack of integration – customers would use RedTeam as a standalone project management platform and use Sage separately for accounting purposes. By bringing these services together via Sage’s API, RedTeam presents a comprehensive offering for construction businesses. 

The integration comes as a result of RedTeam’s partnership with hh2 Cloud Services, which provides the software to be installed on users’ servers. During the system initialization phase of the integration, RedTeam works with hh2 Cloud Services to connect to Sage 300 CRE. Once the system is connected, it maps RedTeam control accounts to the Sage chart of accounts, cost types and standard cost categories. RedTeam can selectively import or link cost codes, customers, customer types, vendors and vendor types from Sage.

RedTeam’s Sage integration also includes:

  • Project Setup – Users can link new RedTeam projects to Sage by entering a Sage job ID into RedTeam. Once linked, RedTeam will insert all new customers, vendors, project cost codes and project cost categories into Sage as required. 
  • Vendor Commitments – All vendor commitments and change orders, including item details, are sent to Sage as they are created in RedTeam.
  • A/P Transactions – Vendor invoices (including invoices submitted via RedTeam’s TeamPlayer app) approved for disbursement in RedTeam will be posted into Sage. Vendor payments issued from Sage are displayed in RedTeam, so project teams will know exactly what’s been paid.
  • Job Costs – All job costs will be synchronized with Sage, so teams have real-time access to current financial information for all of their projects within RedTeam.

While the complexity of software is only going to increase over time, construction software companies should look at partnerships like puzzle pieces – identifying which pieces, or companies, fit together to provide GCs with the best options available to get the most out of their productivity. 

For a comprehensive guide to RedTeam’s Sage integration, download a whitepaper here.


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