Winter Safety on the Jobsite Should be a Priority

Construction field professional viewing the jobsite layout.

As winter weather approaches, construction site challenges arise. Winter safety on the jobsite should be a top priority in the construction business. Good safety practices benefit everybody involved with your project, from the crews to the site managers – to you. Here at RedTeam, we take safety seriously and want to help you have a safe and successful winter in the construction business. 

Preparing your Jobsite for Winter

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has offered a number of suggestions for preparing your construction jobsite, and ensuring your workers’ safety, among the unique challenges presented by winter weather. Some of the most effective preparations include:  proper site vehicle maintenance (and training for employees who must drive in snow, or might find themselves unexpectedly driving on icy patches), work zone traffic safety, safe snow clearing and removal, preventing injury from falls or slips on ice, and repairing or working near downed or damaged power lines. Following these helpful guidelines will reduce the risk of physical injuries – or damage to your site.

Review your Jobsite Daily

In the construction management business, being proactive is an excellent habit to cultivate. Prioritize winter safety on the jobsite by taking time every day to review the site and note potential winter weather issues – or challenges that could be compounded by winter weather. Communicate these quickly to those working on site. For example, an overnight drop in temperature after rain or snow could cause slippery conditions on roofing, decking, and scaffolding. Gone unnoticed, slips or falls could result. A daily review can help everybody on your jobsite avoid injuries!

Using Field Management Technology

On the jobsite, time is of the essence and efficiency can prevent winter weather safety hazards. A collaborative jobsite management app, such as RedTeam’s Fieldlens app, allows you to capture and document targeted areas on the jobsite, markup the photo by adding text or highlighting a specific area of importance, and assign tasks right there from the field. The app also has real-time weather reporting based on your project’s GPS location. This feature can help you determine if winter weather conditions will impact your day’s progress. A snow storm is rolling in sooner than expected? Use the messaging and alert feature to let everybody on site know to start prepping earlier than planned –  and that work hours might be adjusted.

Provide Winter Weather Safety Education

As construction managers, your subs and their crews are your most valuable resource, so you want them to feel safe on the jobsite and happy with how you value and ensure their safety. Make sure subs and site managers are aware of the signs of cold stress, frostbite, and hypothermia – in themselves and in others around them. Remind everybody to wear proper gear, including: shoes with non-slip soles, multiple layers of clothing for changing weather conditions, and warm hats for body heat retention. Also, consider printing out this article and sharing it at your next tailgate meeting!

Making winter safety a priority will have positive outcomes for you and your business. Consider scheduling a demo of RedTeam’s construction management platform to help your company stay efficient and productive while ensuring winter safety in the field.


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