How Wohlsen Construction Employees Save 9 Weeks of Work


Wohlsen Construction is an award-winning Mid-Atlantic construction company with 125 years of experience providing services ranging from preconstruction and construction project management, to design-build construction and post-construction services.

Fieldlens saves Wohlsen employees 9 weeks of work per year

Wohlsen Construction employs 375 total workers between field and office. Like most companies, they were using a variety of channels to coordinate their operations including email, phone calls, texts, paper lists, spreadsheets, end-of-day reports and traditional project management software.

Between daily data entry by their field personnel, field-office communication, issue tracking, and coordination with their subcontractor partners, Wohlsen knew they were losing hours a day. After an extensive software vetting process, the company entered into an enterprise agreement with Fieldlens and now makes the app available to all of its employees.

Six months after the initiation of their company-wide roll-out, Wohlsen issued a survey to measure the success of the Fieldlens implementation. Respondents included superintendents, project engineers, project managers, project executives and MEP coordinators. Overwhelmingly the responses indicated significant time savings, improved accuracy of field documentation, and streamlined communication with subcontractors.

A breakdown of the savings

Field personnel reported saving an average 1.7 hours/day. Across 110 field employees that translates to 184 hours saved every day! Office-based personnel reported saving an average 1.3 hours/day. That’s an average time savings of 1.4 hours each day across all employees, translating to over 9 weeks per person per year. Wohlsen is not only able to finish projects faster, but they can take on more work without adding additional staff – work they would otherwise miss out on.


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